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Individual Trusts

CFPD Sole Trustee Individual Trusts

Separate and distinct from a Pooled Trust, CFPD may serve as sole trustee for individual trusts. In partnership with a CFPD chosen investment manager, clients have the opportunity to continue to work with their attorney and other professionals.

  • CFPD serves as sole trustee of the SNT and works closely with an investment manager to manage the assets in trust.

  • CFPD is responsible for overseeing and monitoring investments, discretionary distribution decisions,Case Management, Medicaid/SSA Contact,Compliance with SNT Regulations & Documentation, and court filings (if applicable).

  • We offer our experience in public benefits navigation and skills in SNT administration to all beneficiaries we serve. CFPD has the capability, knowledge and experience to address the complexities and liabilities involved with the proper administration of Supplemental Needs Trusts in a unique and unparalleled way.

  • We provide periodic investment reports and quarterly transaction statements, tax reporting information and bill payment. Additional reporting is available, as requested.

  • CFPD also has the responsibility for communicating with the beneficiary regarding the terms of the Trust and for making decisions regarding discretionary distributions to the beneficiary.

  • CFPD will consider managing property as an asset of the trust on a case by case basis.

CFPD works with an investment manager for all trusts in which CFPD serves solely as trustee.