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Our Mission

We serve people with disabilities and older adults by providing fiduciary services and navigation of public benefits and other resources.



Our Services

CFPD's Positive Impact

  • Supplemental Needs Trust Administration:

    25+ Years

  • Representative Payee Services for

    145 Clients

  • Clients Currently Served:

    Over 1,200

Latest News


In my own life and in my work with people with disabilities, I often wish l had access to a crystal ball. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see into the future and see where we will be living, working, who our supports will be and what the economy and government will look like? For people with disabilities, this is an even greater desire...

We really weren’t sure what to expect when we commissioned several pieces of “corporate” art for CFPD. While everyone wants to beautify their office space, choices can be hard – tastes differ, of course, and the resulting picks end up rather bland, matching the walls and furniture instead of anyone’s personal taste. So, when our corporate art showed up and stunned everyone in our office, we were more than a little surprised. And very, very happy...


CFPD is a nonprofit corporation organized pursuant to Colorado Nonprofit Incorporation Act, as amended; CFPD is not regulated by the Colorado Banking Code or the Division of Banking; and, CFPD is not a regulated financial institution.