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Representative Payee

Representative Payee Services

CFPD was approved as an Organizational Representative Payee (RP or Rep Payee) by the Social Security Administration in 2010, and receives regular audits.

CFPD can receive any government benefit payments on behalf of beneficiaries; deposit those funds into a special account; and disburse them based on a personalized budget created with beneficiaries and their support teams.

The Rep Payee service is a trustworthy program that provides financial management solutions for people affected by disability, improving peace of mind for them and their families.

Having an organizational payee can help increase clients’ independence, autonomy and integration in their communities.

  • CFPD disburses customer funds for daily living expenses, routine bills and personal spending money.

  • Annual Rep Payee reports are submitted by CFPD accurately and on time.

  • CFPD helps customers maintain eligibility for Social Security and Medicaid benefits.

  • Customers get guidance with managing a budget, and are offered referrals to training to do manage funds on their own, whenever possible.

  • CFPD will set up a budget based on the beneficiary’s income and expenses. This budget will be reviewed at least once every 12 months, or when large changes to expenses or income occur.

  • CFPD is required to meet all primary needs for shelter, food and medical needs first before any extra money can be approved.

Rep Payee Fees

CFPD charges the allowable Social Security fee of $52.00 per month. This fee will be taken from the beneficiary’s account each month. (If the beneficiary also has a trust, this fee can be taken from the trust account.)

CFPD does not provide case management services through its Rep Payee Program.