CFPD ABLE Act Services

CFPD ABLE Act Savings Plan Services

In partnership with, CFPD is now offering enrollment and account management services to individuals qualified to open ABLE, or 529(A), savings accounts. The all-online accounts will be available to people who:

  • prior to age 26, have a disability that meets Social Security's definition of disability
  • have additional assets over the $2,000 Colorado Medicaid allows recipients to keep, but under $15,000/year (in 2018) to save
  • need a trusted ally, advisor or even limited Agent under Power of Attorney to assist with making qualified distributions from an ABLE account.

Enrollment Assistance is FREE to all. In addition, CFPD is offering Membership Services for those who need more support in managing their accounts. Services range from monthly consulting to authorized decision-making, depending on the needs of each individual.


Annual Membership - $150

  • Enrollment Assistance

    Use our PCs on our site, or bring your laptop, we'll provide expert guidance for completing the enrollment process.

  • Advice on Qualified Distributions

    Get up to an hour a month of time with a Case Manager to discuss appropriate expenditures - Qualified Disability Expenses - from the ABLE Account, how to make withdrawals/deposits, plan for savings goals and budget funds.

  • Training Classes

    Attend an every-other-month session to learn the best way to handle distributions from an ABLE Account, for yourself or others.

  • Advice from Other Experts

    CFPD will provide referrals to experts providing resources and services for people with disabilities across Colorado.

CFPD as Agent under Limited Power of Attorney - $250/year

In addition to the services included with a basic membership, while acting as Limited Power of Attorney, CFPD will provide the services below.

  • Develop a Budget

    Work with a CFPD Case Manager to develop an ongoing budget for use of ABLE funds along with other income the beneficiary might have.

  • Select Appropriate Investment Option

    A CFPD Case Manager will help you choose the right CollegeInvest Investment Plan to meet your current and longer-term goals.

  • Administration and Distribution Review

    CFPD will administer the account, tracking and reviewing all distributions for compliance with ABLE rules.

  • Deposit Monitoring

    CFPD will monitor deposits from all sources to assure that total contributions stay within deposit limits each year.

  • Account Termination/Transfer

    Should a beneficiary die with funds remaining in their ABLE account, CFPD will perform required distributions for estate recovery, or will help rollover the ABLE account to a qualified sibling.

CFPD Fee-for-Service ABLE Offerings - $120/hour

Any of CFPD's services for Members may be requested on a fee-for-service basis. Pick from the basic and LPOA services above, and from the list of intensive services below.

  • Complete Redetermination Paperwork

    CFPD's Case Manager will complete and submit needed forms for program eligibility redetermination (SSA, Medicaid, etc.).

  • Eligibility Advice

    CFPD will advise beneficiaries of their eligibility for additional governmental benefits.

  • Application Assistance

    CFPD Case Managers will assist their beneficiaries in completing applications for governmental benefits where applicable.

  • Conservator Service

    When necessary, CFPD will accept appointment and serve as Conservator for beneficiaries who are court-ordered to have help with money management.

  • Service Coordination

    CFPD Case Manager will coordinate with providers of other services to assure beneficiaries are getting the greatest level of unduplicated service from the agencies with which they work.

  • General Case Management

    CFPD will take on short-term, task-specific or long-term Case Management to provide a coordinated combination of available services.