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Conservators have many responsibilities, and in addition to carrying out any specific Court orders, are responsible for managing, preserving and administering assets owned by and for the benefit of a protected person. A protected person is the party whom the Court has deemed as unable to effectively manage his or her own property, and in order to preserve, manage and administer the protected person’s assets for his or her benefit, the Court appoints a conservator.

Under Colorado law, a conservator is deemed to be a fiduciary, and as such, held to a very high standard of care. A conservator is accountable to the protected person, other interested persons, and the Court, and is expected to act prudently and in the best interests of the protected person at all times. (Colorado Bar Association)

CFPD excels as a conservator in cases involving people with disabilities, the elderly or other individuals who need a long-term relationship.

Our expertise in fund investment and management, coupled with our Assessment and Planning for individuals gives us a unique advantage in serving as conservator.