CFPD Fee-for Service ABLE Offerings

CFPD Fee-for-Service Offerings

Basic and Additional Services are available a la carte for $120/hour:

  • Enrollment assistance

    Use our PCs on our site, or bring your laptop, we'll provide expert guidance for completing the enrollment process.

  • Public Benefits Access Review

    Our team will make sure the beneficiary is connected to all public benefits for which they are qualified by making referrals to enrollment agencies.

  • Advice on Qualified Distributions

    Get up to an hour a month of time with a Case Manager to discuss appropriate expenditures from the ABLE Account, how to make withdrawals/deposits, plan for savings goals and budget ABLE Account funds.

  • Email Updates

    Get regular info by email as this evolving savings plan changes, new programs are offered and new savers join the program.

  • Training Classes

    Attend an every-other-month session to learn the best way to handle distributions from an ABLE Account, for yourself or others.

  • Membership in CFPD's ABLE Blog

    Read or write about experiences as an ABLE Account-holder.

  • Referrals to Professionals

    CFPD will provide referrals to experts providing resources and services for people with disabilities across Colorado.

  • Develop a Budget

    Work with a CFPD Case Manager to develop an ongoing budget for use of ABLE funds along with other income the beneficiary might have.

  • Select Appropriate Investment Option

    A CFPD Case Manager will help you choose the right CollegeInvest Investment Plan to meet your current and longer-term goals.

  • Administration and Distribution Review

    CFPD will administer the account, tracking and reviewing all distributions for compliance with ABLE rules.

  • Deposit Monitoring

    CFPD will monitor deposits from all sources to assure that total contributions stay within deposit limits each year.

  • Account Termination/Transfer

    Should a beneficiary die with funds remaining in his or her ABLE account, CFPD will perform required distributions for estate recovery, or will help rollover the ABLE account to a qualified sibling.

  • Complete Redetermination Paperwork

    CFPD's Case Manager will complete and submit needed forms for program eligibility redetermination (SSA, Medicaid, etc.).

  • Eligibility Advice

    CFPD will advise beneficiaries of their eligibility for additional governmental benefits.

  • Application Assistance

    CFPD Case Managers will assist their beneficiaries in completing applications for governmental benefits where applicable.

  • Conservator Service

    When necessary, CFPD will accept appointment and serve as Conservator for beneficiaries who are court-ordered to have help with money management.

  • Service Coordination

    CFPD Case Manager will coordinate with providers of other services to assure beneficiaries are getting the greatest level of unduplicated service from the agencies with which they work.

  • General Case Management

    CFPD will take on short-term, task-specific or long-term Case Management to provide a coordinated combination of available services.