Our Team

  • Megan graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a degree in Social Work and following work experience with people with disabilities in Minnesota, began working with CFPD as a case manager in 2003. After various roles at CFPD, she became the executive director in 2010. In addition to leading the staff, Megan serves on the board for the National Planned Lifetime Assistance Network, the Colorado Guardianship Association and is a frequent presenter in the community on Special Needs Trusts. mbrand@cfpdtrust.org 303-476-6315

  • Debi earned a MBA from Regis University in Denver and a B.S. in Accounting from Indiana University.  She joined CFPD in 2013 with over 30 years of accounting experience, with the last 5 years being in nonprofit.  As the CFO/Controller, Debi oversees all aspects of the accounting department. dalthoff@cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6325

  • Kathleen joined CFPD in 2004 and has over 20 years experience working with people with special needs and has a degree in Rehabilitation Services from New York University. Her favorite part of working for CFPD is interacting with the beneficiaries. kkellams@cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6312

  • Emily received her B.A. in English from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and after having spent two years as an AmeriCorps member and over six years working with people with disabilities, she joined CFPD in 2010. Emily’s favorite part of working for CFPD is being an advocate for beneficiaries while connecting them with the resources and services that improve their quality of life.
    ebrager@cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6314

  • Christi Romero-Roseth – Director of Community Relations
    A graduate of Indiana University, Christi spent the earliest part of her career marketing for IT-based, Fortune 500 companies. More recently, she’s amassed over 15 years of experience helping adults with disabling or disadvantaging conditions gain personal empowerment and equal access to healthcare, education and the workplace. She has been a counselor for survivors of domestic violence; a program director for award-winning adult vocational skills-building; and an infrastructure builder bringing IT services in line with real-world nonprofit programmatic needs. She joined CFPD in 2012. cromero-roseth@cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6322

  • Chanda MacQueen has been providing quality customer service throughout her career. She’s served as an educator, and has been a longtime volunteer with nonprofits. She joined CFPD with a desire to give even more back to our community. She joined CFPD in January 2016 cmacqueen@cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6331

  • Jennifer has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Fine Art from Metropolitan State College (now University) of Denver. Her cumulative background in Personal Injury Law, Foster Care and Adult Mental Health made her a natural fit for CFPD. She has a passion for being a voice and advocate for the underserved in a non-profit setting; strives to encourage, educate and empower beneficiaries; and is excited to be part of an agency that protects people with special needs. Direct: 303-476-6323, janderson@cfpdtrust.org

  • Sarah has a master’s degree in Non Profit Management from Regis University, and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colorado State University-Pueblo. She has 4 years’ experience working with youth with special needs. She started at CFPD in October of 2014, and her favorite part is engaging with beneficiaries and learning new resources to better serve the community. scrownover@cfpdtrust.org (303) 476-6327

  • Joey has a B.A. in Psychology from University of Iowa. He worked for nine years with individuals with developmental disabilities in various day program settings and also supported employment services before starting with CFPD in March 2017. He is excited to get to know and advocate for his beneficiaries to help them maintain their benefits and independence. Direct: 303-476-6329, jmolumby@cfpdtrust.org

  • Stacy has a BS in Psychology and a BA in Sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington. She moved to Colorado, where she continued her work in the field of mental health. Stacy worked at the Mental Health Center of Denver and Denver Housing Authority before joining CFPD in April 2015. She enjoys advocating for beneficiaries and empowering them to advocate for themselves. Direct: 303-476-6310 scarson@cfpdtrust.org

  • Toniee has a BA in Human Services and a BS in Criminal Justice, and is a graduate of Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. Toniee Joins CFPD with 20 plus years of experience in the Social Service and Mental Health Field. Toniee has worked with individuals with disabilities in different capacities through her work as a team leader in SLS homes, Mental Health worker II in adolescent group homes, and as a direct support professional. Toniee joined CFPD in February 2016. Toniee is very passionate about supporting people with disabilities and empowering others to be strong self-advocates. “I am ecstatic about being able to support and assist individuals with disabilities in an exciting role as a case manager. This is my dream job”. afatuase @cfpdtrust.org Direct: 303-476-6332

  • Lynette has a BSW from Colorado State University. Her background and experience have given her opportunities to work with individuals with developmental disabilities and to help parents and caregivers access the services they need for their children. She started with CFPD in April of 2016 and is passionate about connecting people with resources. llang@cfpdtrust.org Direct -303-476-6326

  • Lindsey graduated from North Central University with a BS in Psychology. From working direct care, managing a group home, and training to working as a para in a facility school, she has worked with people with disabilities for almost 8 years. Interaction with beneficiaries and building relationships is very important to her as she seeks to serve and assist with each individual’s needs. She started with CFPD in April of 2017 and has enjoyed being able to serve each individual and meet them where their needs are. Direct: 303-476-6318 , lwhiston@cfpdtrust.org

  • Full Bio To Come Direct: Direct: 303-476-6330, BChase-Knox@cfpdtrust.org

  • Eric graduated from MSU Denver with a B.S. in Marketing and is currently completing his Master’s in Social Work-Macro Practice at the same University. After selling his ownership in a mortgage brokerage, Eric joined CFPD in 2017 because the position was a perfect integration of his financial background, as well as his experience in mental health counseling. Additionally, Eric has over 10-years’ experience as a board member for a non-profit. Eric is most excited about working with CFPD because of the daily contact with clients and ability to make a difference in their lives. Direct: 303-476-6313 epeterson@cfpdtrust.org

  • Full Bio To Come Direct: 303-476-6328, chardin@cfpdtrust.org

  • Full Bio To Come - Direct: 303-476-6316, mmay@cfpdtrust.org

  • Arnie has worked, volunteered and advocated for people with disabilities for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in Colorado’s service delivery system for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as a working knowledge of disability benefits, nonprofit fundraising, resource coordination, and health and safety intervention. Since 2011 Arnie has taken an active role in exposing the needs of at risk adults in the Denver area who have disabilities, are homeless without a connection to benefits and services, and have lost their caregiver relatives. He appreciates CFPD’s vision and ability to protect the benefits of those with disabilities. Direct: 720-772-5724, aswenson@cfpdtrust.org

  • Alex has a degree in Criminology from Regis University and is pursuing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership. She comes to CFPD after eight years in state and federal government, seeking an opportunity to serve and support those with disabilities. Direct: 303-476-6311 agerace@cfpdtrust.org

  • Here from New York, Sonya has been advocating for people with disabilities and educating on the topic since childhood, believing there should be “nothing about us, without us." She has facilitated trainings with Colage, The True Colors Conference, Northeastern University, and University at Albany, among others. In 2014, she was honored with the University at Rochester Book Award for Social Justice for her efforts. The following year, she released a documentary on disability entitled The Souls of our Feet: https://thesoulsofourfeet.squarespace.com. Sonya is thrilled to be working with CFPD to assist the most vulnerable members of her community through the Mission Supports program. Sonya plans to return to school and finish her degree in Arts Administration. Direct: 720-772-5725, srioglick@cfpdtrust.org

  • As an artist and community advocate, Brian brings a lifetime of being in and out of special ed. Bringing that lived experience with receiving and providing supports, his role at CFPD provides peer support to persons with I/DD who have some homeless experience or are at risk of homelessness. We hope some of the clients served by Brian’s Mission Supports team will learn to do peer support like Brian, fostering dreams and accountability to create strength in recovery and Be part of an interconnected life that's worth living, even during rough roads. Brian is a University of Colorado LEND fellow 2018, growing Arts as Wellness.
    Direct: 720-589-6087 BBernard@cfpdtrust.org

  • David has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. He decided to change careers after working a few years for an alcohol and substance abuse nonprofit, moving from a clinical setting to an administrative role with the CFPD Accounting department. David is currently finishing his degree in Accounting at CU Denver. He is excited to work at CFPD and is ready to start a new career. dmiranda@cfpdtrust.org 303-476-6316

  • Bimal has a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Among all the courses he studied in his nonprofit program, he was most attracted to Financial Management. Bimal enjoys his accounting job and is excited to be part of CFPD. Direct: 303-476-6321. bpoudel@cfpdtrust.org

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